Talent combined with experience

As part of the global Prihoda family, we are proud to represent the industry leader in fabric ducting research and development. Prihoda products lead the way in patented innovations, and our network of outstanding distributors and representatives help architects, engineers, and contractors all over the country discover the advantages of fabric ducting technology.

We are also small enough to value the creativity and ingenuity behind the Prihoda name. As part of a company led by an engineer, and dedicated to precision in the science of air distribution, we carry over that same curiosity and spirit of innovation to our work here at Prihoda N.A. Led by a strong management team, our staff of diverse and dynamic individuals believe in working hard, having fun, and supporting each other along the way. Together, we embrace excellence and welcome new challenges in fabric air ducting design.


Andrew Sorenson
Andrew Sorensonpresident / ceo
Andrew Sorenson is the President and CEO of Prihoda North America. Andrew cut his teeth in HVAC as a Technical Sales Engineer for textile diffusers, where he learned the ins outs of not only the product but the industry as a whole. He later went on to work as a regional sales manager for several years before starting Prihoda North America. Now with more the 16 years in textile air dispersion design and implementation in the HVAC industry, Andrew has helped build a team focused on the pursuit of exceptional service. In his downtime, he likes spending time with his family, fishing, fitness, fishing, working on cars, and fishing. His biggest pet peeve? Unanswered emails.
Jeremy Mahon
Jeremy Mahonvice president
Jeremy Mahon is the Vice President of Prihoda North America. He began his HVAC career as a sales engineer and product manager for a filtration and cleanroom construction contractor. From there he moved to the controls side of the business, working for 13 years as a regional manager and then national sales manager for an airflow instrumentation manufacturer. In 2015 he joined Prihoda North America, where he is responsible for all sales and marketing support for our rep network and direct customers. Jeremy lives in Western North Carolina with his wife and teenage daughter, where he spends as much time as possible fishing the rivers and lakes of the Appalachian mountains. Biggest pet peeve: Writing bios about himself.
Jennifer Sorenson
Jennifer Sorensoncfo
Jennifer Sorenson serves as Chief Financial Office of Prihoda North America—or, as she likes to call it, the REAL Boss. After running the front office of a large property management firm In Maryland for several years, Jennifer moved back to her hometown of Mobile, Alabama, and helped start Prihoda North America together with Andrew. All money flowing into and out of the company goes through her office. Do you have an outstanding invoice? You WILL hear from her. Together Jennifer and Andrew have one daughter, Alayna, a precocious six-year-old who keeps them on their toes. Jennifer loves shopping and spending time with her family and her pets. Her biggest pet peeve is lost or missing receipts!

Sales & Support Team

Wade Whatley
Wade Whatleyoperations manager
Kori Pope
Kori Popeinside sales associate
Jacob Harkins
Jacob Harkinsinside sales associate
Emily Emerson
Emily Emersoninside sales associate