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Contractors often discover Prihoda when they see how flexible and affordable air ducting systems can be, compared to traditional metal. But what brings people back to Prihoda are the cutting-edge products and knowledgeable support. Prihoda’s technical expertise shines through at every stage, from initial planning through to design and installation. That’s the Prihoda difference. And that’s what keeps people coming back.

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COMPANY BROCHURE. Take a quick look at Prihoda’s history and technical expertise, and you’ll see why the company has become an industry leader in textile air dispersion technology.  The Prihoda Art & Science brochure also includes an overview of some of our patented innovations.

INSTALLATION VIDEOS. Our library of installation videos includes detailed instructions for installing all of our air ducting and diffuser systems. Single- and double-cable systems, and single- and double-track suspension systems, are all covered here.

CALCULATOR. Our handy online calculator allows you to easily determine air velocity and duct size for any project. Test it out online or download the mobile app. Or give us a call and we’ll send you your own personal laminated Ductolator tool!

WARRANTY. All of our Premium, Classic, and Recycled fabrics carry a non-prorated 10-year warranty, with a typical service life of 15 years or longer, and an extended warranty up to 20 years for systems that use hold-open rings (or helix) and tensioning.

High-performing, affordable air ducting systems for commercial and industrial applications