Nouvelles et mises à jour de l'entreprise

Nouvelles et mises à jour de l’industrie du siège social de Prihoda North America. Ici, nous partageons des nouvelles sur les produits, le personnel, les applications spéciales, les ressources nouvelles ou mises à jour, les opportunités de formation continue, et plus encore.

Creating Healthy School Environments with Fabric Ducting

The schools are a hub for nurturing the fresh and developing minds of children. Ensuring good air quality is vital. While outdoor spaces provide fresh air, indoor environments matter, too, given the time students spend …Lire la suiteLire la suite

Fabric Duct vs Metal Duct. Which is Better? (Experts weigh in)

The technological advancements and application of engineering concepts in the ventilation equipment industry are common to enhance the overall air distribution system. The choice between fabric ducts and metal ducts has become an important consideration …Lire la suiteLire la suite

Advantages Of Using Duct Socks In Modern HVAC Systems.

Green technology and cost savings are the main focus areas in today’s commercial construction market. Traditional metal ductwork systems, which required multiple components to achieve proper airflow, have been replaced by fabric ducts. Also known as …Lire la suiteLire la suite

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