Sophisticated air control in an easy-to-install modular system

For simple and cost-effective solutions to changing and complex needs, data centers turn to Prihoda’s textile air dispersion systems.

Data centers built with modular fabric ducting are 40-60% less expensive than traditional metal air highways, and the modular design allows for easy reconfiguration if space needs change.

Fast and simple installation, with easy reconfiguration, at a fraction of the cost of metal. That’s the Prihoda advantage.

Energy efficient cooling technology

The high heat levels generated in data centers require some combination of low air supply temperature and high-volume returns in order to keep the servers operating properly. A custom-designed air dispersion system from Prihoda can handle these high volumes of supply air at the same time that it provides very precise air distribution—all in a very cost-effective solution.

Variable air distribution

An excellent way of handling the typical “hot aisle, cold aisle” arrangement in data centers is a system designed around variable air distribution. Adjustable nozzles, combined with our patented internal dampers that can be opened and closed, deliver a user-controlled variable air distribution that can be modulated based on server demand and heat load.

Another effective option uses a rectangular duct for a negative pressure application. When used on a hot aisle, the rectangular duct provides full linear extraction of hot air from the entire aisle—a major advantage over pulling it into the main return through spot grilles. Linear extraction improves the efficiency of heat removal, which reduces both the amount and the temperature of supply air needed, lowering overall energy costs.

Specialized materials and installation options allow for a completely custom modular design.

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