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Fabric ducting improves air flow and indoor air quality, and the modular design makes creating a custom-engineered system easy for nearly any space.

As an industry leader with numerous patented advances, and a design leader with sophisticated software capabilities, Prihoda offers the expertise and support needed to make your next project a success.

Check out our Fabric duct design and sizing quick reference guide here.


Drop in your airflow value and instantly find the optimum velocity and duct sizing for any project. The unique Prihoda online calculator is also available as a mobile app. And for the price of a phone call or short note (in other words, free) you can get your own notebook-size Ductolator card. Just tell us where to send it.


Prihoda is known worldwide for innovative products and patented developments in fabric ducting technology. But we’re most admired for our technical expertise in helping professionals design custom-engineered systems. Our robust AirTailor® software, unique to Prihoda, is the key to precision design.


Providing training in the design and applicability of air ducting and dispersion systems has been a priority with Prihoda for years. We have presented textile air dispersion courses in Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, and other cities all over the country, and a self-paced online version is now available.


Our 32-page Technical Data Catalog has details on all our air ducting products and diffusers, including specialty products, solutions for medium to high throw applications, and solutions for problematic air flow, plus information on materials, maintenance, and frequently asked questions.


Prihoda is here to support you during the design and selection process and can provide written specifications, Autocad Mounting Details, and many other items from our downloads section. If you would like a detailed selection or design, please provide us with as much information as possible here.


Robust software is the key to precise air ducting design.

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