Smoke tests & diffuser demos

A collection of videos showing how air moves through different types of fabric ducting and diffuser options.

Directional Microperforation

Our patented Directional Microperforation provides highly efficient, draft-free air distribution for low throw distance applications..

Directional Microperforation Smoke Test

Our patented Directional Microperforation provides even, efficient, draft-free air distribution for short throw distance applications.

Uniform Microperforation Smoke Test

Our patented Directional Microperforations uniformly distributed along a diffuser provide completely even, draft-free air distribution in short throw distance applications.

Directional Microperforation vs Permeable Fabric

Short throw distance applications with old design fabric systems rely on permeability of the fabric for air distribution.

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Induction of Air From Permeable Fabric

Our Premium and Classic permeable fabrics are typically used in any application where cooling will be below dew point.

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Fabric Nozzle vs Plastic Nozzle – Fire Resistance

Old design fabric duct systems use plastic nozzles for long throw distance applications.

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Small Textile Nozzle Smoke Test

Our small textile nozzles are used for long throw distance (up to 45 feet) applications. They are made from the same UL/ULC listed fabric as the diffuser body to maintain perfect color matching and full system fire resistance.

Membrane Diffuser

The opposite flow dynamics of cold and hot air makes comfortable air distribution from a single fabric diffuser difficult, if not impossible.

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SquAireTex Swirl Diffuser

Our SquAireTex line of lay-in diffusers extends the benefits of fabric–lightweight, precision air distribution, ease of maintenance–to lay-in ceiling applications.

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Diffuser Vibration Scale

Poor diffuser design can cause fabric vibration that is annoying to occupants and detrimental to the diffuser itself.

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Diffuser Winch

Prihoda’s Diffuser Winch system for fast, convenient removal and re-installation of diffusers from the inlet of the system.

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