Superior technology for occupant comfort year-round.

Prihoda’s industry-leading Membrane Diffuser solves a basic physics problem: How to use one fabric ducting diffuser for both heating and cooling without either losing heat or blasting cold air into the room? When a single diffuser system based on cooling is operating in heating mode, the warm air rises and never reaches the occupied zone. And when a system based on heating is operating in cooling mode, the cool air is blown directly into occupant space. Prihoda’s innovative solution was the first in the industry, and it continues to set the standard for engineering superiority today: A movable, non-permeable membrane inside the diffuser lifts or lowers to seal off either the heating or the cooling perforations when the other mode is called for. The engineering superiority of Prihoda’s Membrane Diffuser now makes it possible to deliver heating and cooling from the same diffusers, ensuring year-round occupant comfort no matter the season.

Draft-free cooling.

With the system in cooling mode, the Diffuser Membrane is pulled to the bottom of the diffuser, which seals off the heating perforations along the bottom and opens the cooling microperforations on top. Cool air exits the microperforations along the top surface and gently drops into the space for draft-free cooling.

Gentle & efficient heating.

When the demand is for heating, the Membrane Diffuser is forced upward against the roof of the diffuser, sealing off the upper microperforations and opening the larger perforations beneath. Warm air is then directed straight down into the occupied zone, preventing stratification of cooler air below and loss of hot air at the ceiling level. The result is a comfortably warmed space.

Leading the way with comfortable air distribution in both heating & cooling modes.

Gentle, draft-free cooling that disperses easily throughout the space. Or a directed flow of heated air into the occupied zone, without stratification of cool air or pockets of hot air near the ceiling. With the Prihoda Membrane Diffuser, a single diffuser system works efficiently in both cooling and heating modes.

This video shows the Membrane Diffuser in action.

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