Effectively Reducing System Sound

Sound generated by fan activity in the system or air movement through ductwork is often a problem with traditional metal HVAC systems. Fabric ducts don’t transmit sound in the same way, so it’s often not a problem.

But in environments where sound is a significant concern, Prihoda’s QuieTex® sound attenuator reduces system noise at the diffuser inlet.

The attenuator is printed to match the diffuser and blends in seamlessly with the rest of the system.

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Prihoda’s Textile Sound Attenuator

The QuieTex® sound attenuator is designed to absorb sound from the air before it reaches the duct. This makes the operating system very quiet. When installed at the inlet of low-noise diffusers in sound sensitive applications, the QuieTex® textile sound attenuator mitigates system noise from the air handling unit, to ensure quiet and efficient air distribution throughout the space.

Quietex drawing

The Unique Construction Is Key

The basis of its unique construction is a 4 inch-thick wall of mineral wool insulation, shrouded with aluminum. The inner wall is microperforated to achieve higher attenuation, and the insulated baffles, also constructed with microperforated fabric, further absorb sound. A membrane of non-permeable fabric prevents the escape of any glass fibers. And full-circumference stainless steel rings sewn in to the unit provide stability. QuieTex® is lightweight and works well with fabric or metal HVAC systems.

Reducing System Sound With QuieTex®


Chart shows performance of the QuieTex® attenuator, showing documented sound attenuation levels in decibels.

For more information on QuieTex®, or to request a custom quote for incorporating the sound attenuator in an upcoming project, contact a Prihoda Representative near you.

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