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A global leader since 1994

Custom Engineered Air Dispersion Systems

Prihoda North America is the premier supplier in the United States and Canada of custom designed fabric duct systems. Textile duct technology offers the greatest value, flexibility, and aesthetics for nearly any environment. And Prihoda’s unique AirTailor® design software—the most comprehensive in the industry—helps architects and engineers design systems tailored to occupant comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Innovation. Quality. Performance. That’s what has made Prihoda a worldwide leader in fabric duct technology for over 25 years.

Founded by Czech engineer Zdeněk Příhoda, the company has led the HVAC industry with numerous patented technologies. Today, Prihoda’s textile air ducts and diffusers and custom engineered systems are sold in more than 70 countries.

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Creating Healthy School Environments with Fabric Ducting

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Fabric Duct vs Metal Duct. Which is Better? (Experts weigh in)

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