Advanced engineering + architectural design

The Prihoda Rigid Duct (PRD) high induction air diffuser is designed for specific heating, cooling, and ventilation needs and is ideal for high-end environments where technology is integrated into architectural design.

Photo of Prihoda rigid duct installed, with background of royal blue wall

Comfort, efficiency, durability

The PRD system is energy efficient and easy to maintain. Made of brushed steel, PRD’s precise laser-cut perforations provide a comfortable air movement with low temperature differences and low noise.

The PRD’s high induction air diffusion ensures homogeneity of both temperature and humidity, ensuring occupant comfort. And the sleek powder-coated finish complements any décor.

High induction air diffusion

Using our unique Prihoda AirTailor® software, we take your project requirements and design a complete high-induction diffuser system tailored to your specific application.

PRD Perforated Duct Diffusers are constructed in diameters ranging from 8 inches (200 mm) up to 38 inches (965 mm). Duct sections are assembled using discreet sleeves with integrated silicone gaskets, to ensure a proper seal and circular integrity of the duct. Matching passive duct sections without holes and multiple fittings are also available, to ensure the uniformity of the entire duct network.

PRD - Perforated Duct Diffuser

PRD – Perforated Duct Diffuser

PRD-P - Passive Duct Section

PRD-P – Passive Duct Section

Photo 3 of Prihoda rigid duct kinstalled at Armeco

Custom designed for distinctive architectural installations

Each PRD system is created by making precise, laser-cut perforations on flat sheet steel, which is then rolled and welded into the custom-designed diffuser shape. The pre-cut diffusers are then easily assembled on-site during installation.

Custom coated in a high-quality powder-coat finish, the sleek design of the continuous metal duct offers endless design possibilities.

For more information, or to request a custom-designed PRD solution for an upcoming project, call 1-855-PRIHODA (855-774-4632) or fill out this short online form. One of our PRD specialists will follow up with you soon.