Draft-free ventilation and consistent air flow

The high heat load and low room temperature typical of food production areas can lead to a heavy cooling demand.

The challenge is to deliver cool air into the space without drafts and without affecting exhaust hood induction, in order to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.

The precise control of air movement, distribution, and velocity possible with a tailor-made system like Prihoda’s makes it ideal for a commercial kitchen environment.

Our fabric ducting systems are capable of directing air to maintain worker comfort without affecting hood induction.

Our custom-engineered air distribution systems evenly deliver high volumes of air at low velocities to ensure proper air change rates, eliminate ventilation dead zones, and maintain occupant comfort. This allows for even distribution of air all over the room.

Prihoda’s unique microperforations ensure that the duct doesn’t act as a filter, which can block air and collect dirt and debris. A clear advantage over the conventional fabric ducting used by our competitors, microperforations
reduce maintenance time and costs.

Prihoda is the only fabric duct manufacturer to use cleanroom quality non-shedding material by default on all our products. This prevents any chance of contamination in food processing or production areas. All our materials are machine-washable for easy maintenance.

All our ducting and diffuser materials are cleanroom rated to ISO 4 and ideally suited for use in USDA approved facilities.

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