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Contractors often discover Prihoda when they see how flexible and affordable air ducting systems can be, compared to traditional metal.

But what brings people back to Prihoda are the cutting-edge products and knowledgeable support.

Prihoda’s technical expertise shines through at every stage, from initial planning through to design and installation.

That’s the Prihoda difference. And that’s what keeps people coming back.


If you’ve completed your project design and are ready for a detailed quote, please give us your specifications and we will be happy to prepare an estimate of costs and materials for the system that best meets your needs. If you would like to submit project drawings or other support materials, click the upload link at the bottom of this form, or email your files to Not ready yet for a detailed quote? Feel free to reach out with any questions, or find a local Prihoda distributor near you.


Prihoda fabric ducts are not a short-term solution. Diffusers made from good quality materials will last for 10 to 20 years or longer, depending on the choice of fabric and installation methods. All Prihoda diffusers and ducts are made of high-quality, temperature- and shrink-resistant synthetic materials. The particular fabric specified in your order is confirmed in shipping documents and printed on the label sewn into each piece.


Our library of installation videos includes detailed instructions for installing all of our air ducting and diffuser systems. Single- and double-cable systems, and single- and double-track suspension systems, are all covered here.


Our handy online calculator allows you to easily determine air velocity and duct size for any project. Test it out online or download the mobile app. Or give us a call and we’ll send you your own personal laminated Ductolator tool!

High-performing, affordable air ducting systems for commercial and industrial applications

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