High volume cooling with low volume sound

Using sound generation data from our comprehensive AirTailor® design software, Prihoda custom-engineers textile air dispersion systems to provide comfortable, efficient air distribution while meeting the strict noise limitations required for sound stages and recording studios.

ECONOMICAL: The high lighting loads needed for visual recording studios usually require a corresponding high volume cooling. Fabric ducting systems are able to supply large-diameter, high-volume systems at a fraction of the cost of metal.

Photo of recording studio set with piano and microphones

TARGETED: Our AirTailor® design software has a sound analysis capability that shows precise data on noise generated by our systems. The software also allows us to adjust sizing and spacing to achieve targeted noise levels specified for any project.

Close-up photo of a microphone in recording studio

PRECISE: Only Prihoda has the capability of predictive software that adjusts for both duct sizing and distribution sizing and spacing to achieve specific Noise Criteria (NC) sound levels. We have even custom designed a system at the extremely low sound level of NC-20.

Case Study: MTL Grande Studios

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