Efficient, cost-effective air distribution for an ideal growing environment

Environmental control is critical to any indoor agriculture application. Homogenous temperature and humidity around all plants ensure ideal plant transpiration and growth, resulting in healthy plants and high yields. Custom-designed Prihoda Grow air distribution systems are easy to install, save considerable costs compared to metal ductwork, and guarantee optimum conditions for any crop in any size growing operation.

Optimum ventilation at the plant level provides even and consistent temperature and humidity levels underneath the grow canopy, ensuring correct transpiration rates.

High-volume, even air distribution ensure homogenous temperature and humidity, with precisely controlled air distribution patterns for optimum air velocity at the plant level.

Prihoda’s highly customizable system design provides optimum air distribution and humidity control on every rack in container operations and for any size vertical grow.

Precise computational analysis allows us to design a system perfectly matched to your growing operation’s environment.

Air Tailor Design