Efficient, Cost-Effective Air Distribution For Indoor Agriculture

Environmental control is critical to any indoor agriculture application.

Homogenous temperature and humidity around all plants ensure ideal plant transpiration and growth, resulting in healthy plants and high yields.

Custom-designed Prihoda Grow air distribution systems are easy to install, save considerable costs compared to metal ductwork, and guarantee optimum conditions for any crop in any size growing operation.

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Custom Fabric Solutions for Agriculture Use

Mold Reduction Benefits

Mold is not only a nuisance, but it can be dangerous if consumed. Insufficient airflow can also exacerbate an environmental issue, allowing for pockets of humidity and varying temperatures to form within the canopy. This becomes more of a challenge if you are growing in multiple tiers, making it harder for air to be evenly distributed throughout the growing space. Prihoda can help you ensure that your plants are taken care of with proper ventilation maintaining ideal humidity and temperature controls. Many of our materials can be laundered and disinfected for a fully clean, hygienic air dispersion system. For further production, antimicrobial materials are also available.

Tailored Air-Flow

Optimum ventilation at the plant level provides even and consistent temperature and humidity levels underneath the grow canopy, ensuring correct transpiration rates.

Different volumes and air speeds are required in the various stages of cultivation and even for different species of plants. Seedlings often do not require the same airspeed as full-grown plants, and drying rooms often require higher volumes of air delivered unidirectionally at low speeds for the most consistent, high-quality product. The versatility of customization options from low-speed delivery micro-perforation to high-velocity nozzles makes the Prihoda diffusers an optimum air duct system for indoor agriculture.

No Sweat!

High-volume, even air distribution ensures homogenous temperature and humidity, with precisely controlled air distribution patterns for optimum air velocity at the plant level.

Not only are Prihoda Air diffusers light weight and easy enough for anyone to install, our permeable material will also prevent condensation or “sweating” if cooling below the dewpoint.Permeable materials eliminate the need for expensive and heavy double walls or insulated metal ducts while ensuring the air distribution system doesn’t sweat and drip when in cooling mode.

Customized Solutions

Prihoda’s highly customizable ductwork systems offer multiple shapes and mounting options to facilitate air distribution humidity control on every rack in container operations and for any size vertical grow. Standard size ranges from 4″ in diameter to 80″ in diameter; custom sizes/shapes/construction may be possible upon request.

Precise computational analysis allows us to design a system perfectly matched to your growing operation’s environment.

Professionals We Serve

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Facility Designers

Prihoda brings the expertise for your air distribution systems. Fabric ducting improves airflow and indoor air quality. Prihoda’s modular design makes creating a custom-engineered system easy for nearly any space. Prihoda offers the expertise and support needed to make your next project a success.

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Architects and Owners

Prihoda is committed to being a trusted partner at every stage of the design process. Prohoda can provide custom colors, images, and patterns for your unique building needs. Our products can either blend in or stand out for your specific overall desire.

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Contractors and Facility Maintenance

Prihoda’s technical expertise shines through from our easy-to-install ducting to our competitively priced products, Prohoda will be with you at every stage, from initial planning to design and installation. Discover how impactful working with Prihoda’s flexible and affordable air ducting systems can be.

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Common Questions about Indoor Agriculture

How does fabric ducting apply to indoor agriculture?

Fabric ducting can help control the environment within an indoor agriculture setup. It’s responsible for distributing conditioned air evenly throughout the indoor farming facility, maintaining the temperature and humidity levels required for optimal plant growth.

What are the benefits of fabric ducting?

Fabric ducting systems provide superior air dispersion, are lightweight, and have a less invasive installation process compared to traditional metal ductwork. They can be custom designed for the specific requirements of a space, and they provide uniform air distribution.

How does fabric ducting contribute to the overall yield of the indoor farm?

By providing consistent and efficient air distribution, fabric ducting helps to maintain the optimal environment for plant growth. This ensures that plants grow healthier and faster, which can ultimately increase the overall yield of the indoor farm.

Is fabric ducting difficult to maintain?

Fabric ducting is generally low maintenance. It’s typically designed to be machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. However, specific maintenance practices may vary based on the exact type and manufacturer of the fabric duct.

Can the fabric ducting systems be customized for specific indoor agricultural needs?

Yes, fabric ducting systems can often be tailored to meet the specific needs of a given space. This can include factors like size, shape, air dispersion needs, and more.

Is fabric ducting a sustainable option?

Fabric ducting is often made from recyclable materials, and its energy efficiency can contribute to a lower carbon footprint. However, the exact sustainability will depend on the specific manufacturing and use practices.

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