Lay-in fabric diffusers for suspended ceilings

Another patented innovation from Prihoda, the SquAireTex® diffuser is made entirely of fabric supported by a lightweight aluminum frame. The concealed plenum can be made from insulated or uninsulated non-woven fabric and includes a sewn-in perforated baffle to ensure even dispersion from the entire diffuser. As with all Prihoda systems, every air outlet is laser cut for a precise, efficient, and durable design. The SquAireTex® Swirl design provides excellent induction and mixing for superior occupant comfort, SquAireTex® Flow uses special channeling pockets to direct air flow in multiple directions, and the SquAireTex® Perfo uses small perforations to distribute low velocity, laminar flow for critical environments like labs and cleanrooms.

Tailored inlet plenums ensure even delivery of air

Supply air is evenly distributed across the diffuser with specially tailored fabric plenums, minimizing pressure loss. An integral equalizing baffle assures uniform distribution across the entire diffuser.

The SquAireTex® diffuser is zipped to the plenum back. So the diffuser can be removed easily for cleaning or changing airflow direction.

Illustration of Prihoda SquAireTex inlet plenum 2Illustration of Prihoda SquAireTex inlet plenum