Our Proprietary AirTailor® Software Guarantees A Precise Custom Design

Prihoda products are custom made to fit your building and its occupant’s specific needs. Since this is not a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf product, our design process analyzes a lot of variables in order to ensure the optimum solution for each space. The AirTailor® design software, which is unique to Prihoda fabric duct systems, is capable of analyzing complex data and generating unique configurations to meet the precise needs of your situation.

Detailed computational analysis

Starting with the essential elements of your project—the type of application, the amount of air required, and the installation height—our software helps compute the precise specifics required for an optimum air distribution system in that space. we are able to create design a precise solution that meets your needs.

By altering any number of variables, we can distribute air in any space very precisely, in terms of direction as well as volume.

Simulated Airflow Patterns For Optimum Comfort

Once we know the goals and specifics of your project, our powerful AirTailor® design software is able to determine optimum duct sizes, calculate system pressure losses, and customize the air flow pattern. For there, we are able to generate a custom price quotation for your exact requirements.

AirTailor® capabilities allow us to generate graphical profiles of both the direction and the velocity of air, with color coding that indicates velocity as air is moving away from the diffuser. Our goal is always to attain a specific air velocity at any given distance from the diffuser, and these graphical profiles give a clear visual of this up front, during the planning stage. This gives you the ability to design accurately for optimum effectiveness. Only Prihoda can provide this level of specificity in air distribution design.

Sound Design, At Every Level

It is important to note that because fabric diffusers will not allow sound reverberation through them that breakout noise from the fan will be highest at the transition from metal to fabric and sound attenuation should be considered. Our Quietex sound attenuators   alternative to traditional duct silencers or lined duct work

Based on all the variables unique to your application, Prihoda’s AirTailor® software is able to predict the exact noise level generated by diffusers. And this data allows us to design a complete air dispersion system that meets the noise level specifications of your particular project.

AirTailor® design software is capable of charting sound power levels across eight octave bands, from extremely low to extremely high frequencies. This information allows us to graph an air dispersion system’s Noise Criteria (NC) curve. So for a sound-sensitive application, such as a recording studio, our design process can specify the maximum NC level of the system in operation.

The software also lets us create virtual rooms to match whatever space you’re designing for. In AirTailor®, we can drop diffusers into the space and produce sound levels on a grid based on various distances from the diffuser.

Sound design — the ability to control for system sound up front, during the design stage — is unique to Prihoda.

Adjunct computational models

For extremely critical projects, we can also provide Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) animations to predict airflow patterns within a particular space. Using Ansys Fluent simulation software, we are able to model an entire room in great detail, including heat sources, occupants, equipment, and all air supply and returns. These advanced physics modeling capabilities allow us to create a precise simulation of air speeds and temperatures for the most exacting applications.

If you have specifications for an upcoming project, see how Prihoda’s custom design process can help make it a success.

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