Our proprietary AirTailor® software guarantees a precise custom design.

Prihoda products are custom made to fit your building and its occupant’s specific needs. Since this is not a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf product, our design process analyzes a lot of variables in order to ensure the optimum solution for each space. The AirTailor® design software, which is unique to Prihoda fabric duct systems, is capable of analyzing complex data and generating unique configurations to meet the precise needs of your situation.

Detailed computational analysis

Starting with the essential elements of your project—the type of application, the amount of air required, and the installation height—our software helps compute the precise specifics required for an optimum air distribution system in that space. we are able to create design a precise solution that meets your needs.

By altering any number of variables, we can distribute air in any space very precisely, in terms of direction as well as volume.

Prihoda's AirTailor software air distribution selection
Prihoda AirTailor software showing a heating flow profile