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Layout and System Recommendations

Match metal size to fabric inlet for a straight length of 3x diameter prior to fabric inlet when possible.

Use 1.5x dia radius elbows, laminar / smooth transitions whenever possible.

For best aesthetics use internal rings, track and tensioners.

When routing through structural members hold open components are mandatory.

Utilize a softstart or VFD w/ 30 sec ramp up if possible (especially if no hold open components, to prevent startup shock/popping).

Inlet Velocities

  • 1500fpm or less straight runs
  • 1300fpm or less 90°’s , T’s or other fittings near fabric inlet
  • 1000fpm or less sound sensitive
  • 800fpm or less max for top inlet halfround
  • negative pressure rectangular duct 1000fpm or less
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Inlet Static Pressures

  • .25″ w.c. minimum. Sound sensitive or very low pressure unit
  • .50″ w.c. standard / typical
  • .75″ w.c. high volume / high throw
  • +1″ w.c. layout w/ many fittings or very long throw/high velocity required
  • Rectangular duct for negative pressure .25”
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Air outlet Dispersion types


5 - 10ft max

laminar, low throw, low velocity
(labs, kitchens, gun ranges, high comfort)


10 - 30ft

medium to long throw, high comfort
(pools, gyms, offices, classrooms, manufacturing)


30 - 100ft+

Longest throw with no linear deflection
(industrial, warehousing, air curtains, spot cooling)

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