Exceptionally long service life

Prihoda fabric ducts are not a short-term solution. Diffusers made from good quality materials will last for 10 to 20 years or longer, depending on the choice of fabric and installation methods.

All Prihoda diffusers and ducts are made of high-quality, temperature- and shrink-resistant synthetic materials. The particular fabric specified in your order is confirmed in shipping documents and printed on the label sewn into each piece.


Cleaning and maintenance of fabric ducts is easy. Ducts and diffusers made of permeable materials (Classic, Premium, and Recycled) can be washed normally in an industrial or commercial washing machine. Impermeable fabrics (Prihoda Light) can be machine washed on a gentle or delicate cycle. Specialty materials, such as Prihoda Plastic, Prihoda Glass, and Prihoda Foil, must be hand washed only. If the duct or diffuser has hold-open accessories, these solid elements can be removed easily before washing. Induction surface dirt on the outside of the duct or diffuser can be vacuumed off easily, so in many environments washing might not even be necessary.

See Materials for a full description of all Prihoda fabric options.

Cleaning Instructions

For proper maintenance, be sure to follow the washing instructions on the product label sewn into every section of a Prihoda fabric diffuser.

For all fabrics, surface dirt can usually be removed with a vacuum cleaner directly on installed diffusers.

For machine washable fabrics

Washable-fabric diffusers may also be uninstalled and laundered easily as needed. Heavily soiled materials should be dusted first, using a vacuum cleaner, compressed air, or a soft brush. Diffusers may be turned inside out for washing, if needed. Either regular or industrial grade detergent works fine. Wash at maximum temperature of 40°C (104°F), with a spin cycle set between 400-800 rpm, and rinse thoroughly. If desired, a disinfecting agent may be added with the detergent, although the customer is responsible to ensuring that the disinfectant chemicals do not affect the fabric. Re-install and allow to dry naturally. Prihoda fabric diffusers must never be dried in a drier.

For non-machine washable fabrics

If vacuuming isn’t sufficient, clean the diffusers using a wet or dry sponge, soft rag, or brush, as needed. Heavily soiled diffusers may also be washed and rinsed by hand, using a mild detergent and a maximum of 40°C (104°F). Rinse thoroughly, and drip dry. Then re-install and allow to dry thoroughly once in place. Prihoda fabric diffusers must never be dried in a drier.

Any maintenance must strictly follow the washing labe