Advanced air distribution design

Since 1994, Prihoda textile ducting and diffusers have brought high-tech indoor air distribution to companies of all sizes, in many different industries, with over 70,000 installations worldwide. Prihoda North America is proud to have created custom-engineered systems for universities, office buildings, indoor agriculture and manufacturing facilities, restaurants, stores, recording studios, and more, making fabric ducting and diffusers suitable for practically any application.

Wide-angle photo of Prihoda fabric ducting and exposed beam ceiling at Bornego

Serving companies all over the world

Prihoda fabric ducting systems are found in offices, labs, libraries, warehouses, restaurants, stores, and manufacturing facilities. All over the world, in spaces large and small, Prihoda’s custom-designed air dispersion systems deliver improved air quality in a cost-effective system to a wide range of industries and applications.